What Is The 21 Day Brand?

The 21 Day Brand is an educational initiative that utilizes blogs, courses, workbooks, and other materials to educate our audience on the power of developing, building and maintaining a personal or professional brand.

Why the 21 Day Brand?

There are more than enough people out here trying to sell you on a “WHY” you should purchase their course, product, or book. However, not all of them really understand the principles of branding outside of their experience. They just be selling you on what they did to garner success with their business, which is a method that may not work for you if you’re selling something in contrast to they sold to turn their first profit. With the 21 Day Brand, you’re garnering invaluable information and a step by step system from someone who has created and worked on over 100 differing seven figure brands for successful clients in a myriad of marketplaces. I’m sharing my secrets and methods that have amassed a multitude of entrepreneurs their first seven figures as business owners and serial entrepreneurs.

Why is Branding Important?

Same reason the sky is blue. To distinguish yourself from the world around you. A brand is an identity that illustrates to your audience who you are, what you represent, and what they’re buying into. When done right, you create loyalty, conversion, and a formula for repeated success in multiple areas of that business. Without a brand, you’re operating your business without a model for success and essentially setting yourself up for failure.  Your brand is your life vest that insures you won’t drown at sea trying to drift in rough waters.

Will I Become a Millionaire if I Purchase The 21 Day Brand?

We’d like to think you will, however, we cannot guarantee anything outside of a promise to fit you the education you need to create a seven figure plus brand. How much you make is depended upon you, faith, consistency and hard work. Push for profit!

Do You Offer Private Consultation?

For those of you who want a more hands on experience here at 21 Day Brand or are in need of a private consultation to further discuss your business goals, I’m always happy to chat branding, success, and the plot for a bigger and better life! Feel free to shoot over an email: info@the21daybrand.com and we can chat further about your business needs for monetary compensation.

Do You Offer Payment Plans?

For Courses, payment plans are always available. We want our clients/customers to have a multitude of options when it comes to garnering an education through what we have to offer here at the 21 Day Brand.

Will You be Visiting a City Near Me in the Future?

If I could be there tomorrow, I would! Give us time though, we intend to hit the globe with our initiative to empower and arm as many entrepreneurs possible with the tools to ignite a successful brand. Check our events page to stay up to date on “Where in the World is the 21 Day Brand.”

How Do I Get Featured in the Success Circle?

Got a business and some stellar advice you want to share with an eager audience of entrepreneurs? Shoot us a message at success@the21daybrand.com and let’s talk about connecting those dots! We’d love to share more stories to encourage, inspire, and promote the habit of success!

The 21 Day Brand is an educational initiative for entrepreneurs that offers Articles, E-books, Masterclasses, Workbooks and more, on the art of brand building. The goal of the 21 Day Brand is to give burgeoning entrepreneurs and start-ups, step-by-step resources to building a brand from scratch with an endgame of creating a profitable business. Have a look around. We’ve been expecting you!