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Welcome! If you’re here to learn how to build your personal online brand from start to finish, then you’ve stopped by the right place!

The 21 Day Brand is an educational initiative started by founder Alaina Pinkney, CEO of Electric Heart Media, LLC, a marketing + branding agency based in Atlanta, GA. The purpose of the 21 Day Brand is to give burgeoning entrepreneurs step by step resources to building a brand from scratch with an endgame of creating a profitable business.

Your business isn’t a hobby. And you don’t have time to waste with trial and error when you’re on a budget or a time crunch. Let me help you cut through the gray areas, and give you the tools you need to pursue your goals as an entrepreneur. Check out our Ebooks, Courses, articles, and maybe even join our Habit Toolbox Club and get one step closer to destination success!

It takes 21 Days to form a habit. With the right tools and motivation, your goals of starting a business are possible. Thanks for stopping by!

Goal setting is half the battle, but it is a necessary step in the cog wheel of success. Without setting goals, all the ideas you think an imagine stay locked in a chamber in your mind filed away under the header “Dream.” Dreams are merely goals written down with steps and dates added to a timeline to ensure your wants and desires are driven to fruition. Start today by transferring that dream to a tangible goal. Your brand depends on it.

Like in anything in life, when you set out for a destination and plot points on a map, the end game is always that same – reach the finish line. If you carefully order your steps and do things in a proper sequence, you’re sure to meet your goal because success doesn’t fall into your lap, you plan for it. You may never know the day and time, but you know that it will require focus, faith and hard work before you reach that attainable finish line. The key is to stay on course and believe that movement gives life to your goal.

I’ve seen a lot of people with bright ideas, and an entire notebook full of goals — but little action is ever put behind them. Their inaction leaves them to believe that their desires are merely words on a page that will never be realized or that their goals are impossible to achieve. They focus on what they feel they lack vs. the strengths they have that could help them commit to the life they’re dreaming of. That’s where the 21 Day Brand comes along. We believe that the lack of action in many entrepreneurs is a by product of a lack of information. If people knew they could conquer anything they set out to do and were given the tools and a map to assist on that journey, more entrepreneurs would be claiming a life of success. We’ve got the tools. Now it’s time for you to act. Are you ready?

Ready to think outside the box? Join our subscription club, ‘The Habit Toolbox’ and every month on the 5th, we will upload new and useful products, workbooks, graphic templates and more to assist you in building a successful and visually stimulating brand. I’m sure you could use social media templates, flyer templates, product mock-ups and more! Let the toolbox help you grow your brand so you can worry about the business, while we help with the visuals.

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I’ve packaged up my entire process for building a brand from start to finish right here in this book so you can be a self-starter and not get lost in the idea that you need a big budget to follow your dream. You also don’t want to get lost in the other false narrative that you don’t have the wherewithal to create something with your own hands.

There’s probably a million books out there on why you should develop a personal brand, along with inspirational lit on transitioning from a dreamer to a believer. But that’s not why you’re here. You’re already inspired, and you’re already existing in a belief that you were destined to do great things! This book cuts right to the chase and gives a step-by-step instructional so you can focus on hitting the ground running and build your brand in less than a month.

The 21 Day Brand is an educational initiative for entrepreneurs that offers Articles, E-books, Masterclasses, Workbooks and more, on the art of brand building. The goal of the 21 Day Brand is to give burgeoning entrepreneurs and start-ups, step-by-step resources to building a brand from scratch with an endgame of creating a profitable business. Have a look around. We’ve been expecting you!