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Meet Kevin Marshall Pinkney of the Urban Migrator

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When it comes to living a life of adventure mixed with a desire to be educated through every facet of the journey, Kevin Marshall Pinkney of the Urban Migrator has this challenge on lock. Starting off initially as merely a thought in the chain of business ideas he’s been carrying within him like an albatross, was eventually birthed through his first sponsored trip to New Orleans in 2016 where he was given compensation in exchange for illustrating what makes New Orleans not only an excellent place to do life as a resident, but additionally, one of the hottest spots for Halloween enthusiasts across the globe.

Building upon his first opportunity, turned into a world of new experiences and destinations when he set out to conquer his personal brand of “Traveling Like a Local” in cities such as Paris, London, Rome, Milan, and beyond. As he continues to fine tune his idea and carve out new ways to set his brand apart from competition, he’s on the heels of a relaunch in January 2019 with a webseries, guidebooks, and monthly features as the backdrop for connecting with the 2 billion dollar travel industry and its hungry audience. We had a chance to chat with Mr. Pinkney prior to his relaunch to learn more about the method to the magic at the Urban Migrator. Check out the interview.

The 21 Day Brand: What made you want to be an entrepreneur?
Kevin Marshall Pinkney: A desire to have the freedom & control over the lifestyle I want to live including trading time for money and placing a ceiling on income. The imagination of my mind always felt limited to a box in certain roles and duties. The entrepreneur lives in a space where ideas are more free-flowing, I wanted to be in a space where I didn’t have to ask for permission to be great!

The 21 Day Brand: With the world already being a noisy place, why did you choose your industry and what did you do to stand apart from your competition?
Kevin Marshall Pinkney: I chose my industry because I was enamored by the ceaseless wonderment of travel. I was inspired by the travel book series “NFT: Not for Tourists” It was the first book compilation I read that showed comprehensive knowledge of a neighborhood and its neccessities.  NFT is not published widely anymore and it left a void. Subjects highlighted in NFT is how I plan to stand apart and fill that void.

The 21 Day Brand: What drives you? Fear or Faith?
Kevin Marshall Pinkney: Both. Yes, both emotions can occupy the same space. But they can’t be there at the same time. The dominant emotion will rue the day. Fear of complacency, mediocrity, destitution- Complacency that I will find comfort and stability in my mediocrity. That the mediocrity would lead to destitution due to lack of preparedness.  Faith for financial freedom, independence, and home ownership. Financial freedom where the access of home ownership is real.

The 21 Day Brand: What one habit do you feel has been essential for your
Kevin Marshall Pinkney: The habit of learning. I never feel like I have a full grasp on something until I research it to death. I can always be found constantly looking a videos- searching for a way to do it better, or to make it easier. It can take me one hour or several to find what you’ll looking for. Tenacity and perseverance are byproducts of forming a habit.

The 21 Day Brand:Looking back, What advice would you give to yourself, prior
to starting this business.
Kevin Marshall Pinkney: Give yourself grace to fail. Play the long game. Find a mentor!

Alaina Pinkney

Alaina Pinkney

Founder of The 21 Day Brand. The 21 Day Brand is an educational initiative for entrepreneurs that offers Articles, E-books, Masterclasses, Workbooks and more, on the art of brand building. The goal of the 21 Day Brand is to give burgeoning entrepreneurs and start-ups, step-by-step resources to building a brand from scratch with an endgame of creating a profitable business.

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